Morel mushrooms hunting in Southern-Oregon

Training Video 1 for Morel Mushroom Hunting in Southern Oregon

Morels:  A Tasty Delicacy in the Oregon and a BIG KID Where’s Waldo!

WHY HUNT MORELS?  Morel Mushrooms delectable, but super hard to find.  Like an Easter Egg or Where’s Waldo hunt for big kids.  My family likes them sauteed, battered and fried, or in soups, sauces and omelets.  They grow throughout the U.S. and the midwesterners have some great Morel recipe ideas online.  They are great cooked at camp on a steak, burger or with eggs.

THE BASICS ON FINDING MORELS:  Check out the video tutorials and searching videos on this page!  It helps to know what to look for.  Sometimes the ground cover is different than in the videos. They are often on the Southwest side of slopes in areas the game animals use or have been logged, as that distribute the spores for more growth. The soil should be damp, but drying with lots of air. Spores float in water, so little valleys in the ground are good and anywhere that is shady but gets intense sun for a few hours.  They move up in elevation with the time of spring. In late March and early April they are usually on the valley floor. If you find some, cut them off, don’t pull them up. Leave a few out there in areas you like if you get good at it.  Be a good steward of the outdoors. 😉 They won’t grow back, but the spores will next year or more may grow.

REGULATIONS:  Morels sell from $10 to $25 a pound fresh locally I hear, and that requires a paid permit. To harvest some for yourself legally, read more before you go. If you find more than a gallon, look into the CURRENT rules (they could change or be different in your area).  At the time this article was written, a 10 day commercial permit was $20 and under a gallon for personal consumption was free.

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