WORMS!!!! Every Oregon Fisherman has worms for fishing right? BUT….are you presenting them correctly for the type or size of fish you want?

There are two primary ways to hook a worm for maximum presentation based upon what you desire. In the picture we have the two ways shown below. The ball, and the threaded. Each type is suited for a different size of fish and action.

The Ball Method, (Worm on the Left)

This is the method used for bigger fish, The worm stays on the hook longer, but at a reduction in movement and attractiveness to the fish.

The Thread Method (Worm on the Right)

I personally prefer the threaded method. As you can see, MUCH more worm is left free to move and attract attention. However, you tend to go through MUCH more worms than the traditional ball method.

The Straight Talk on Worm Baiting Methods

A ball fisherman, can bring just a few worms, and last the entire day. A threaded fisherman, usually brings 2-3 containers of worms. Either way, when you thread that hook, start at the head. (The darker part of the worm.) This will allow more of the vital parts to stay on the hook and last longer.

Worm Bait Methods - Ball (Right) and Thread (left)
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