Oregon Trout species identification

Oregon Trout species identification

Home About Us Hikes Views Camping Hunting Fishing History Wildlife Photography Off Roading Drives Biking Shooting Watersports Getting to know your various trout found in Oregon's lakes, and waterways. I hear a lot of the time, from quite a few people, “What kind...
Fourmile Lake Klamath County

Fourmile Lake
Klamath County

Located in Klamath County, Oregon at the base of Mt. McLaughlin, Fourmile Lake is a great choice for camping, hiking, fishing and views. Car accessible, fishing boat friendly…

Buncom, Oregon Historic Ghost Town

Buncom, Oregon
Historic Ghost Town

Tie your horse to the hitching post and get your mail from the postmaster in Historic Buncom, Oregon. A taste of the Wild West gone past. At the corner of Sterling Creek Road and…