Oregon Trout species identification

Oregon Trout species identification

Home About Us Hikes Views Camping Hunting Fishing History Wildlife Photography Off Roading Drives Biking Shooting Watersports Getting to know your various trout found in Oregon's lakes, and waterways. I hear a lot of the time, from quite a few people, “What kind...
Pilot Rock Southern Oregon

Pilot Rock
Southern Oregon

Located in the Soda Mountain Wilderness Area, Pilot Rock is one of the most identifiable landmarks near the Oregon-California border in Jackson County. Take I-5 to the Callahan’s…

Fourmile Lake Klamath County

Fourmile Lake
Klamath County

Located in Klamath County, Oregon at the base of Mt. McLaughlin, Fourmile Lake is a great choice for camping, hiking, fishing and views. Car accessible, fishing boat friendly…

Tunnel 13 & Abandoned  Siskiyou Station

Tunnel 13 & Abandoned
Siskiyou Station

The 2 mile round trip hike to the the historic, abandoned Siskiyou Station and Tunnel 13 starts on I-5 South of Ashland. You will park at the West corner of the Mount Ashland off-ramp, not far from…