Grizzly here,

Countless times, I have taken my wife to go fishing, and we literally limit out in 90 minutes. I watch others sit right next to us, and not catch anything. We walk past whole families struggling to even land a single fish. So, I put together a video with my simple set up that nets me more trout, faster than anyone else on the water. Following this simple set up, and using it correctly, will net you more bites, and ultimately, more fish.

Alan "Grizzly" Boyd Suire


Alan "Grizzly" Boyd Suire, Admin & Editor - Great Oregon Outdoors Alan or as he prefers, Grizzly, is constantly out in the outdoors as much as his schedule will let him. He loves all the aspects of the outdoors; Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, are but a few. Join him for a look at hikes, fishing, hunting, photography, and other outdoor sports. He is,an Administrator & Editor of Southern Oregon Outdoors on Facebook, Scanner Group LLC (50,000+ on Facebook Groups in the area) and this site (Great Oregon Outdoors).  Connect with Grizzly here. “Actio Enim Amore Patriae”
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