Buncom, Ghost Town in Southern Oregon

Tie your horse to the hitching post and get your mail from the postmaster in Historic Buncom, Oregon.  A taste of the Wild West gone past.

At the corner of Sterling Creek Road and Little Applegate Road, you will find the Ghost town of Buncom, Oregon.  The abandoned mining town is about 20 miles Southwest of Medford.  It was started by Chinese workers in the 1800’s.  There is a General Store, Livery Stable, and Post Office that once supported miners, then farmers that made their homes in the hills and valleys around the Little Applegate River.  Check it out for some photos and an look at times past.  Click the map here or below for Google Maps Directions.

Map of Buncom Oregon
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Historic Buncom, Oregon
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Old West Abandoned Town - Buncom, Oregon
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