Fourmile Lake Klamath County

Fourmile Lake
Klamath County

Located in Klamath County, Oregon at the base of Mt. McLaughlin, Fourmile Lake is a great choice for camping, hiking, fishing and views. Car accessible, fishing boat friendly…

Tunnel 13 & Abandoned  Siskiyou Station

Tunnel 13 & Abandoned
Siskiyou Station

The 2 mile round trip hike to the the historic, abandoned Siskiyou Station and Tunnel 13 starts on I-5 South of Ashland. You will park at the West corner of the Mount Ashland off-ramp, not far from…

Buncom, Oregon Historic Ghost Town

Buncom, Oregon
Historic Ghost Town

Tie your horse to the hitching post and get your mail from the postmaster in Historic Buncom, Oregon. A taste of the Wild West gone past. At the corner of Sterling Creek Road and…

Table Rocks Southern Oregon

Table Rocks
Southern Oregon

Hovering above Medford, Central Point, White City and Sam’s Valley, and the majestic Rogue River, the Table Rocks are iconic in Southern Oregon. The top is made of 125-foot-thick andesite.